Naresh opens Up On MAA Internal Conflicts!

By - November 27, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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It is known to everyone about the internal issues arisen in Movie Artists Association (MAA) - between President Naresh and Vice-President Rajasekhar. Freshly, MAA President Naresh has reacted about the controversy while speaking to the media. Speaking to the press about the upcoming film 'Raghupati Venkayyanaidu', Naresh said: "After getting elected as MAA President, I made that clear that I will serve for only one term". 

He further added that 'MAA isn't a political party, it has to be considered as an organization to serve. With the support of seniors like Chiranjeevi, Krishnam Raju, and Murali Mohan, I'm always trying to bring everyone together'.

Naresh has gone on to claim that many welfare schemes are being implemented in his tenure. Admitting that internal conflicts and powerplay in MAA, the senior artist stated he couldn't commit himself completely due to busy shooting schedules. "One year of my term is finished and I have one more year. I'm ready to step down as MAA President at any moment, but nobody can send me out," ended Naresh.

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