Why Mahesh Babu Not Interested in Pan India Market?

By - November 30, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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These are the days when cinema has crossed the local boundaries and is knocking doors at a pan India level. For that matter, few regional movies are crossing those barriers as well and creating a huge wave in the international arena. This has motivated many heroes especially in the Telugu circuit to go for pan India movies.

However, one man prefers to stay away from that flood. He is none other than superstar Mahesh Babu. His fans are asking when the noted stars of Telugu are eyeing the Hindi market why is Mahesh not doing such a thing and sticking to local. In fact, Mahesh’s wife Namratha is from Bollywood and she has a very good clout there.

Well, sources close to the star reveal going for an ambitious project takes years for completion and Mahesh is not too keen on that. Moreover, the kind of remuneration he is making right now he would get pretty much the same so in the bargain he loses more time which he doesn’t want to. If this be true, it is indeed a smart move from this handsome hero

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