Cyber Crime Complaint From Actress

By - December 05, 2019 - 04:00 PM IST

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The pace with which crime has been growing in this country goes to show that many crooks and thugs have realised that there is no strength in the law and they can get away with the heinous of evil things without much issues. While real time crime is on the rise, there is also another form of crime spreading its tentacles.

It is the cyber crime and the first target to that happens to be the film celebrities especially the heroines. Each day there are many fake ids which pop up in the name of some or the other starlet and it is flooded with nude photos, videos and what not. There are enough illiterates in this country to believe this stuff belongs to that heroine only.

This time, the victim was the Tamil actress Ramya Pandian. It is heard that someone has created a fake id on her name and loaded a seminude picture. This got viral as many believed it is Ramya. Within no time, she got a whiff of it and rushed to the cyber police to register a complaint. This has become an increasing menace for the celebrities.

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