B-Town Star Hrithik Roshan Is 'Sexiest Asian Male'!

By - December 05, 2019 - 02:51 PM IST

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Bollywood is full of handsome men but Hrithik Roshan is one who stands out for his stunning looks. He is a class above in all dimensions- be it appealing looks, chiselled body and huge fame.

The 45-year old star isn't just popular in India, but he is quite familiar to other nations as his movies release in various parts of the world. Hrithik's recent super hit movies 'Super-30' and 'War' have earned special attraction from foreign fans too. Now, he leaves the world talk about him as he is voted as the 'Sexiest Asian Male of decade' and for the year 2019 in a UK based poll.

Reacting to it, Hrithik said: "I would like to thank all my fans and everyone who voted for me and who feels that I am a suitable person to win this. I am flattered, but I do not consider it as an achievement. Because, I do not judge people by looks and I think looks of a person are not relevant in the larger scheme of things. What is appealing about a person is his life journey and the kind of work he does."

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