Shocker: Poonam Named Them As Presstitutes!

By - December 10, 2019 - 07:00 AM IST

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In a shocking development, actress Poonam Kaur Lal has named some section of media persons as Presstitutes. It is known that every social media comment of Poonam Kaur Lal has been linked up with Pawan Kalyan and some of the media houses in Telugu states are trying to make controversies on those.

Meanwhile, many times Poonam Kaur has slammed those filthy stories. But, this time, she has lost her control completely and named those culprits as Presstitutes.

On the other hand fans and followers of Pawan Kalyan have extended their support to Poonam Kaur in this issue. Earlier, Poonam’s social media postings have gone viral and some of the haters have trolled her mercilessly.

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