Lady Fan Trapped By Akash Puri's Fake Account

By - December 26, 2019 - 09:52 AM IST

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Using of social media can be both rewarding and punishing in this generation. It is doing more damage than the good it is supposed to. Given the fact that cybercrime rate is growing high, it is hard to realise which is real and which is fake. Many social media users are falling prey to the fake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and such fake pages have become the source of many crimes.

More than common people, fake social media accounts are causing high damage to the film and sports celebrities. For celebs, social media is a platform to connect with their fans. But, some enthusiastic people create fake profiles in the name of film artists. It is easy for star actors to get their accounts verified, but the problem is for budding heroes and emerging actors who do not have a verfied account. As a result, some fans fell prey to fake celebrity accounts.

Recently, some miscreant on social media created a fake account in the name of actor Aakash Puri, son of star filmmaker Puri Jagannadh to trap some female fans. Not knowing about it, some lady fans have befriended with that fake account. One of the trapped ladies, who was cheated by the fake social media account, have lodged a police complaint against him. A police team, which swung into the action, has seized a hard disk and pendrives from the fraudster. Akash Puri is currently busy with Romantic, which is being directed by Anil Paduri. 

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