Manchu Lakshmi To Join BJP Soon?

By - January 07, 2020 - 04:30 PM IST

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Actor and producer Manchu Mohanbabu have met with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the meeting is creating some interesting buzz in Tollywood circles. Though Mohanbabu and his family members, who have met with PM Narendra Modi yesterday cleared the air that this meet has no importance in political angle, speculations are saying as the meet has happened only with political intentions.

If gossips are to be believed, Manchu Lakshmi will join BJP in very soon. More interesting gossips about her are saying as she will be joining BJP with the ‘strong word’ about the key political posts in BJP. As per those gossips, Manchu Lakshmi may get Rajya Sabha membership from BJP in the coming months. It is known that earlier, Mohanbabu has served as Rajya Sabha member from Telugu Desam Party.


Politics is a different ball game and anything can happen at any time, anyway.

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