Jr NTR Serious On His Fans

By - January 09, 2020 - 04:00 PM IST

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For any star actor, fans are his biggest strength and sometimes weakness. The overexcitement of fans might, sometimes, cause worry to their favorite star. A similar thing happened to NTR at the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram's 'Entha Manchi Vaadavura'. Upset with the over-enthusiasm of fans, Nandamuri actors couldn't convey their complete speech at the event.

Tarak was the chief guest for 'Entha Manchi Vaadavura' pre-release event at JRC Convention in Hyderabad. As a large number of fans turned up to this event, the huge cheer, shouting, and hoopla in the auditorium have irked NTR. Every actor would dream to get such a massive response when they make a public appearance, but it went overboard this time. In fact, none of the guests were able to deliver a proper speech due to the Hungama of fans.

Fans could not even maintain silence when Kalyan Ram was speaking on-stage. So, he also had to end his speech in a very short time. Even NTR faced the same issue and at one point, the star hero warned his fans. Tarak said, "If you continue to shout like this, I'll walk away." But, it also didn't work. So, NTR gave a short speech and ended up congratulating all films that are coming for Sankranthi. On the whole, NTR seems to have expressed his dissent with organizers for the way the event was held. 

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