Pawan Kalyan Gets Mega Support?

By - January 21, 2020 - 07:35 AM IST

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Couple of years ago, Mega Star Chiranjeevi opined that he has full of confidence on Pawan Kalyan’s political journey. He also suggested his brother Pawan Kalyan to do films even though he was busy with politics.

“When compared with me, Pawan Kalyan has a different attitude and he has guts of balancing cinema and politics” Mega Star Chiranjeevi said.

However, after entering into politics, Pawan Kalyan hasn’t done films with perfection. He has said good bye to movies after Agnyathavasi, all because of his political party Jana Sena.

Recently Pawan said that he has no interest in acting, but he added that he is in plans of making films as producer. However, the actor turned politician has joined the shoot of his upcoming flick #PSPK26 (Remake of Bollywood film Pink).

Many are saying now as Pawan Kalyan finally following Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s suggestion. More than that It is Chiranjeevi, who is supporting his brother in a different way, whether it is politics or it is about cinema.

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