My Goal Is To Introduce A New Director Every Year : Raj Kandukuri

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Producer Raj Kandukuri has garnered limelight with the Telugu film industry’s classic movie Pellichoopulu. By making such a beautiful film, the producer has received praise from all over. Now, he is back with another film, which is directed by Sesha Sindhu and it is titled Choosi Chudangaane. This film marks the acting debut of Raj’s son Shiva Kandukuri and expectations are high on this romantic entertainer. Raj Kandukuri spoke to iQlikMovies today and here is what he has to say.

Talking about how did the project even went on floors, he said, “I always wanted to introduce a new director every year to the industry. Also, I thought one of them should be female directors. Because we have a very less of women directors and the truth is that the talent they have is unique. Currently, we have only Nandini Reddy. That’s when Sindhu approached me and narrated the story. I was afraid of how she would make it, but she brought a five-minute video with her, which she made. Now I feel that she has made such a good film within a very little budget.”

Like we already said, this film marks the acting debut of Shiva Kandukuri. The idea of making this film with Shiva is none other than Sindhu’s. “Sindhu wanted to make this film with freshers. She was looking for someone new to the screen and that is when my son Shiva came back from the US. So she said she would ask my son also to give auditions. She asked him to enact a couple of scenes and when he did, she said that he will be doing the film,” said the producer.

Talking about whether he would be directing anytime or not, Raj said that he wants to, but feels that there is some more time for him to take the step. 

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