Phenomenal Collections For Choosi Choodangaane

By - February 03, 2020 - 08:00 PM IST

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It is not an ordinary thing for a small budget film to reach theatres without much pre-release buzz and also to make good moolah at the box-office. Definitely, it is an achievement for any low budget movie to attract the attention of audiences by standing alongside several big-budget movies with some innovative publicity tricks.

With meager publicity before the release, Raj Kandukuri's latest production 'Choosi Choodangaane' has gone on to garner good response from the viewers. The film, which has marked the debut of Raj Kandukuri's son Shiva Kandukuri, has Varsha Bollamma as the leading lady. Directed by Sesha Sindhu, the breezy entertainer was released on January 31st. 

Producer Raj has dared to release the film while the Sankranthi movies are still continuing to attract the audiences to theatres. In what can be called as a great achievement for a small budget, Choosi Choodangaane has amassed a gross of 1.8 Cr in its first three days of release. Considering the track record of Raj Kandukuri and the quality of films he made, buyers have purchased Choosi Choodangaane for a hefty price. Also, satellite and digital rights are likely to fetch some good moolah to makers. 

Given that this movie is expected to give a good ROI, Producer Raj Kandukuri will be elated and certainly, over the moon for scoring success with his son's debut.

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