Paruchuri Comments On Pawan's Comeback!

By - February 05, 2020 - 11:00 AM IST

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At the time when everybody is discussing Pawan Kalyan's return to films, Senior Telugu writer Paruchuri Gopala Krishna too expressed his views on the matter. Welcoming Pawan back into movies, the senior actor and writer said he always wanted it to happen. 'I know that many of his fans are waiting for his return and several people have cheered at me when I said the same at Producers Council Hall,' narrated Paruchuri through a video on his YouTube channel.

"This move certainly gives a huge boost to his fans and the party. When Anna Garu (Sr NTR) decided to come back into films by believing in my words that it will strengthen his party, I still remember how affectionately he looked at me after telling his first dialogue in the movie. This medium (cinema) makes him reach to everyone and all streets in AP. Films like Karthavyam and Mouna Poratam have proved it. It is a blessing to act in films. So, when fans enjoy the craze of their star and his characters, they should never stop entertaining the fans.' - said Paruchuri.

He went on to add, "Pawan Kalyan has that image to capitalize on his immense craze. So, his entry into films will certainly help him in politics too. Because I know how Major Chandrakant has helped NTR to achieve CM chair in 1994 and MGR has never stopped working in movies even after electing as an MLA. Despite being an MLA, Roja is now busy on the small screen and many film artists worked in movies even after they're elected as public representatives.'


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