Taapsee Gets Trolled For That!

By - February 06, 2020 - 07:00 PM IST

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Dimple beauty Taapsee Pannu is also known for controversies and off course she is a very good actress and it was proved many times. However, controversies are dominating her acting career.

The latest controversy from Tapsee Pannu is all about her comments on the Bigg Boss reality show. It is known that Bigg Boss is a very popular reality show and it has a huge fan following in different languages.

While speaking about Bigg Boss, Taapsee slammed the ‘ridiculous fights in the Bigg House’. Taapsee further questioned audiences about enjoying the nonsense on Television.

However, fans of Bigg Boss are started trolling against Taapsee by saying as “your acts on the big screen also nonsense” many netizens expressing their view. It is not the first time for Tapsee to throw mud and off course it is very common for her to experience the mud, slinging by her haters.

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