KGF2 Eye On RRR Release Date?

By - February 07, 2020 - 04:00 PM IST

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KGF movies are a no-doubt inspired by Baahubali. From the narration to the film marketing, Prashanth Neel seems to be following Rajamouli. Now, he is getting ready with the second part of KGF. The curiosity in the audience is well carried to date as the conclusion of KGF part one is such kind, the same principle which was shown in Baahubali The Beginning. 

Now, Prashanth Neel is again aiming at Rajamouli or maybe following Rajamouli. We know that the recent announcement from RRR Team is the change of its release date from July 30, 2020, to Jan 08, 2021. No other movies dared to release during the previous date period which now is still a free time. So, Prashanth Neel is masterminded, thinking to release his film on the previous release date of RRR. i.e., July 30, 2020., sources revealing. 

However, the official statement up to date is that the film will be releasing in April 2020. But the project may take extra time to complete for its high budget cast and crew so July timing is in consideration, as the sources say.

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