Bheeshma: Nithin Says, Gundello Dinchave!

By - February 08, 2020 - 07:30 PM IST

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A glimpse of Sara Sari son from the film Bheeshma has revealed just a while ago. Directed by Venky Kudumula of Chalo, Bheeshma has Nithin and Rashmika as the main lead. The full lyrical song of Sara Sari will be releasing Tomorrow.

Coming to the glimpse, the lyrics are beautifully written by lyricist Sree Mani. Music composed by Mahati Sagar is appealing well. As usual Nithin’s dance moments are up to the mark. The cuteness of Rashmika Mandanna is elevated to the next level.

The song was picturized in the farmland of Cauliflower and maybe it is the first time in Tollywood history.

“Sara Sari Gundello Dinchave… Maree Maree Maikam Lo Munchave… Ayina Sare Ee Baadha Baagunde..” these are poetic lines in the glimpse, which are attracting young audiences in a cute manner.


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