Chiranjeevi Upset With Rajamouli

By - February 14, 2020 - 08:00 AM IST

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Whenever Ram Charan Tej is part of a film, Chiranjeevi makes sure that he eyes on it and interferes to make sure that everything is going perfectly fine. Also, Megastar decides the release date of the film. Well, when it comes to RRR, it has not happened. This is Rajamouli’s cinema and only he plans things and that too in the way he wants. This is where there is a clash between Rajamouli and Chiranjeevi.

Rajamouli has recently announced the new release date of the film and that is January 8, 2021. It seems that Chiranjeevi was not aware of the new date at all. Chiranjeevi has planned to come with his next film for Sankranti but with Rajamouli announcing the date for Sankranti, it is said that Chiranjeevi has become skeptical now.

Also, Chiranjeevi wants to make sure that there is a minimum of four months of a gap in between his and Charan’s cinema. So Chiranjeevi cannot release his film before RRR because the film won’t be ready. Let us see what will happen.

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