Bheeshma Trailer Looks Promising Enough

By - February 17, 2020 - 06:30 PM IST

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Undoubtedly, Bheeshma is going to be the career-best film of actor Nithiin. The trailer of the film, which is directed by Venky Kudumula is out and it is an absolute entertainer. The trailer begins with Nithiin trying to woo girls to make them fall in love with him. Also, he is seen quarreling with his mother for naming him Bheeshma, because as per the Indian mythology, Bheeshma is someone who is a saint and dies unmarried.

He plays a business magnet in this film who owns a company and doesn’t do anything against his ethics. But there comes a man who wants to destroy Bheeshma, going against the ethics and nature of law. There is a mastermind behind this and now, it is time for Bheeshma to reach out to him. Also, he falls in love with a girl who wants to get married. But at the same time, the girls aren’t interested in him.

This all sums up Bheeshma. The background music in the trailer gives goosebumps and drives the energy of the film. Dialogues are entertaining and it is understood that the film is loaded with humor. The trailer looks absolutely promising and it is time for fans to gear up for the best avatar of Nithiin.

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