RGV Meet Shamsabad Police Officials Over Disha Subject

By - February 17, 2020 - 06:00 PM IST

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The one incident that trended Hyderabad worldwide is the case of DISHA which held a lot of pain in all our hearts. The brutality of the criminals involved and the innocence of the victim showcased the worst side of the present-day living. It triggered an emotion in celebrity people also. The creative directors are scripting up to show the incident in a cinematic manner and create an awareness in the society. The list includes genuine, bold, realistic, straight forward, stubborn qualities director Ram Gopal Varma too. 

RGV announced that he is going to direct a film on DISHA issue which will be titled Disha only. In the case study, he met Renuka, wife of Chenna Kesavalu, one of the rapists, asked how about and in-depth nature of her husband. Hearing her story, he stated that Renuka herself is the first victim as she got married at the age of sixteen and with a baby in the womb now, she is more victimized with no one to take care of. As a surprise, which also seems like his first time, RGV donated 5 Lakh to Renuka. 

For more knowledge on the subject, RGV did meet Shamsabad ACP more recent and stated out to media that he is damn sure to make out the picture, he doesn't need one's permission over it. His upcoming movie release is Enter The Girl Dragon which is a story of a girl who falls in die-hard love with martial artist Bruce Lee.

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