Here Is How The Accident Actually Took Place On Indian 2 Sets

By - February 20, 2020 - 06:30 PM IST

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By taking the lives of three people and leaving some really sad memories, the recent shoot of Indian 2 has come to an end in an unexpected way. Many know what happened after the accident, but not before that.

The source from the set of the film reveals it to us. “At the beginning of the shoot, a heavy-duty floodlight was placed on the gigantic crane and shots were being canned. Once the shot was completed, it had to be shifted from one side to the other. This was when the crane lost the balance, broke and fell on three people namely Chandran and Sri Krishna, who are assistant directors and Madhusudhanan, who is a production manager. It is said that Shankar was monitoring the shot on an LED display inside a tent-like arrangement that was done for him. In the same Sri Krishna and others were around. When the crane came crashing down, that cloth of the tent fell on Shankar and he lost balance. Luckily, that is when he moved away not knowing what was happening and was saved,” he said.

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