Venky Intelligent Jhalak To Naga Shaurya

By - February 20, 2020 - 03:37 PM IST

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It is known that the cold war between director Venky Kudumula and hero Naga Shaurya has been running since the release of their super hit film Chalo. It is the debut film for Chalo and Naga Shaurya has introduced him to Tollywood as director.

However, both have separated with creative differences regarding the film Chalo and many times Naga Shaurya has tried to target Venky Kudumula with many allegations like ‘creative dopidi’.

Meanwhile, Venky Kudumula has been maintaining silence about Naga Shaurya's allegations for a long time, but he has finally responded.

While speaking with scribes Venky Kudumula said that “I don’t why he is targeting me. But, I’ve never done anything bad. I’ve given success credit of Chalo to everyone”. Furthermore, he simply said “No comment’. It is the intelligent one from Venky Kudumula.

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