Mahesh Babu Doing An Intense Role In Chiru152?

By - February 25, 2020 - 09:06 AM IST

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The social media is a good object to spread the news so intense but the problem comes when the news is just a rumor. This is more tension carrying when the news relates to big stars who have a great fan base. The present news or just a gossip circulating in social media is that Super Star Mahesh Babu is going to appear in the film Chiru152 which has Chiranjeevi in the direction of Koratala Siva. The present update doesn't say if Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu would be seen together.

The social media talks consider it to be more truthful as Koratala Siva has already directed Mahesh Babu for two films which could make the director convince the star little easier. If so to believe the news, Mahesh's role will be seen aggressively for a short time but with more intensity. If the news is really true, both mega and superstar fans would be on cloud nine. 

Coming to other speculations, it is also heard that Ram Charan is actually preferred to the Mahesh Role. It is not sure for now to believe which and which not. 

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