Double Attack: Arjun Reddy's 2nd Version To Release!

By - February 28, 2020 - 08:00 AM IST

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Tollywood super hit film Arjun Reddy was remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh and it went huge hit. Not only in Hindi but also, Arjun Reddy was remade in Tamil as Adithya Varma with Dhruv Vikram as the hero. However, Adithya Varma failed to reach expectations.

Coming to the actual point, it is learned that Arjun Reddy’s other version ‘Varma’ will be releasing very soon. Varma also has Dhruv Vikram, but the film was directed by talented director Bala.

It is known that due to creative differences between producers and director Bala, the film Varma was dumped after its completion and fresh version was started with debutant director Gireesaaya.

The film Varma has Megha Chowdary opposite Dhruv Vikram.

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