Vakeel Saab: Thaman Curious About Mass Song?

By - March 10, 2020 - 02:30 PM IST

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The most talented Thaman SS has scored music for more than 100 films and worked with many star actors and directors. But for the first time, he is scoring music for Pawan Kalyan- Vakeel Saab. So, the musician would like to make the best use of this opportunity.

The first single 'Maguva Maguva', released on the occasion of Women's Day, is receiving an amazing response. It's a melody song and this film can accommodate three more audio songs and all of them are melodies. But, SS Thaman wants to give an out and out a mass song to Pawan Kalyan considering the expectations of his fans. Also, the actor reportedly suggested the makers include a mass song to entertain fans in theatres. But, this story has no scope for a mass song and if you look at the original version of the film (Pink), there's no opportunity to elevate heroism. In fact, Pink has no songs in it.

But, some required changes are done in Telugu script to suit Pawan's mass image. So, Thaman is also working to include a mass song for PSPK. Out of his love for Pawan, Thaman is expected to come up with a mass song. However, the final call about this song will be taken by producer Dil Raju.

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