Nagababu's Corona Satire 'Adirindi'

By - March 14, 2020 - 11:57 AM IST

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Entire world is in panic mode all because of Corona Virus (Covid 19), but it has turned ‘comedy’ for some comedians. They are making money with Corona Virus comments. Some of them are using ‘religion’ angle, but the truth is Corona Virus becomes pandemic like never before.

Coming to the actual point, actor, producer and politician Nagababu has made stunning satire on ‘Corona Virus Comedies’

“Konni Pramukha Mathala Peddalu Cheppindemante Corona Virusni Valla Devude Ee Bhoomi Meedaki Pampinchadu ani Antunnaru. Ayina Ee Devullaki Kopam Ekkuve Sumaa”. (“Some religious biggies are saying as their god havs sent Corona Virus to the earth. Those Gods have so much anger”)

Above is Nagababu’s tweet and it is creating massive tremors and off course, Nagababu is facing serious trolling for his comments. However, it is not about god’s anger. We have to fight our own way to prevent Corona Virus.

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