Regina Cassandra Is In Love With Martial Arts

By - March 19, 2020 - 07:00 PM IST

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In her very early days of acting career, she has done maximum number of films with maximum skin show. But, later she has chosen films, with good content and it is the main reason for her to get popularity as an actress.

She is none other than Regina Cassandra and she has done many films in Tollywood and still she is doing couple of interesting projects. She has also done films in Kollywood as well as in Bollywood.

Coming to the actual point, Regina Cassandra has fallen in love and it is making headlines. But, it is not about fall in love with anybody, here the thing is different. As per the reliable sources, Regina Cassandra is busy with the training in martial arts.

Our sources confirmed that Regina Cassandra will be doing a film in Tollywood with Martial Arts backdrop and the film also will release in different languages like Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.


Currently, Regina is busy with the film Nene Na?

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