Chiranjeevi Punching Tweet To Mohanbabu: No Hug Please!

By - March 28, 2020 - 12:51 PM IST

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Mega Star Chiranjeevi is continuing his style of ‘sense of humor’ via social media. This time, it is quite an interesting thing that happened between Mohanbabu and Chiranjeevi.

Mohanbabu has welcomed his friend Chiranjeevi in to the world of twitter as “Mitrama Welcome”. Then Chiru says “Thank you Mitrama Mohanbabu, Rananukunnava Ralenanukunnava?”. Replying to this, Mohanbabu says “Ee saari Hug chesukunnappudu cheppthanu”.

“Mithrama Corona Rakkasi Koralu Chaasthunna Ee tharunamlo, manalo maarpu ravali. No Hugs.. No Shake hands.. Only Namasthe! Social distancing is must for more awareness on how to protect our near and dear, watch the video made by our Lakshmi Prasanna” Chiru tweeted in style.

It is not about fought between Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Collection King Mohanbabu. It is all about creating awareness against Corona Virus.


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