Mega Star Saasinchala 'Memu' Patinchala

By - March 30, 2020 - 09:56 AM IST

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Young Hero Karthikeya of RX100 fame is a cult fan of Mega Star Chiranjeevi and he has proven it many times. In a recent awards function Karthikeya has done a ‘Mega’ show on the stage in front of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. After witnessing the electrifying performance of Karthikeya, Mega Star was really shocked for Karthikeya’s love.

Coming to the actual point, Mega Star has announced 1 Cr towards the welfare of cinema workers regarding the Corona Virus outbreak and he has formed Corona Crisis Charity with several Tollywood biggies.

Taking his social media handle, Mega Star is appreciating those stars, who have announced their donations towards the big cause. Responding to this, Karthikeya said “Ila encourage cheyandi boss @KChiruTweets ..we will be ready to do anything ..Nuvvu saasinchala memu patinchala..”.

Not only fans of Mega Star, but also all cinema lovers are pouring appreciations on Karthikeya for his love on Chiranjeevi.

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