Corona Crisis: Why Is Rowdy Boy Silent?

By - April 01, 2020 - 09:33 AM IST

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Tollywood sensation Vijay Devarakonda follows a different style off the screen. Be it with his quick response to the social issues or keeping himself connected with fans on Twitter, he ensures to make it special and create an impact there. But, the star hero hasn't yet reacted to Coronovirus while actors are in the news with their donations.

Vijay has gained a massive fan following in the recent past and he began to earn huge moolah in a short span. But, we haven't heard anything about his donation either to Governments or film workers in Tollywood. His silence during these times has become a subject of discussion in the industry.

But, close associates of Vijay are indicating that there's a reason for his silence. When such issues emerged in the past, Vijay reacted with large donations and he will be coming forward with a big plan this time too - say people close to Vijay. It remains to be seen how the actor will react to it and what message he will be offering to his wide fanbase.

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