Why We All Must Appreciate TFI Actors!

By - April 03, 2020 - 12:03 PM IST

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The Cinema industry is also said to be filled with politics. Some people allege that industry is dominated by the three or four bigwigs and they will never allow others to flourish. While such accusations always existed, people in the industry stand united when there’s a need. When any unforeseen thing happens in Telugu states, the entire industry comes forward to stand in support of sufferers. Fundraising event for Hudhud cyclone victims is a testament to the spirit of Tollywood. A similar spirit can be seen in the industry during this crisis caused by pandemic Corona.

The COVID-19 halted many film shoots and releases all over the world. Film Industry is doing what it can to fight the pandemic. Our star heroes have come forward with huge contributions to relieve the plight of poor film workers who cannot make ends meet. Megastar Chiranjeevi, who started Corona Crisis Charity, was able to gather up to Rs 7 Cr till now. This is an initiative to support the daily wage workers and lower-income groups in the country including the Telugu Film industry. Megastar Chiranjeevi himself has contributed Rs 1 Cr to this initiative and other heroes, directors, and technicians in the industry followed him with huge donations. Our actors also declared a huge contribution to CM Relief Funds.

Some great gestures are being made by our Jabardasth anchors Anasuya and Rashmi Gautam too. While Anasuya has sponsored for food distribution, Rashmi is feeding animals and people who are looking for some food.

Even before the lockdown was announced, our Tollywood has voluntarily decided to halt all film shoots and set an example in its own way. The spirit of Tollywood has to continue like this and we also appreciate the solidarity shown by our actors.


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