NiKhil To Show His Muscle Power!

By - April 04, 2020 - 05:15 PM IST

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Young Hero Nikhil Siddardh is currently busy with tightening his muscles as he is now in self quarantine all because of Corona Virus outbreak. He has posted an interesting photo, in which he has shown his tightened muscles, but he says he is still in the process of reaching the ‘target’.

But, what target he has fixed? No body knows. But, he is looking like a monster with muscled body. Many of his fans are expecting 8 pack abs from their beloved hero.

Workouts apart, the young hero is also busy with doing social service on this corona outbreak situation. He has prepared sanitizers, masks and other things under guidance of doctors and has distributed them twice.

On the work front, Nikhil Siddhardh has two projects in his hand and one of them is Karthikeya2.

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