Bunny Convinced With Sukumar's Master Plan

By - April 09, 2020 - 10:30 AM IST

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These days, Tollywood heroes are not just focussed on the Telugu market but they also are targetting North Indian belts and other Southern states as well. Allu Arjun is leading this game in Tollywood. Over the last few years, Bunny managed to gain massive popularity in Kerala and most of his films had a big release in Malayalam too.

Though his plans did not work well in Tamil, Allu Arjun emerged as a big star in Kerala. Besides Kerala, he was planning to emerge big in other languages including Hindi. But, he was short of an appropriate script. Now, with 'Pushpa', director Sukumar has laid a path for him.

The makers of 'Pushpa' are planning to release it in other regional languages as well, including Hindi. In fact, it is planned by Sukumar who believed that Pushpa is the right script to introduce Bunny to B-town. Before the beginning of this movie, there was no plan to release the film in Hindi. But, it was mastermind Sukumar who convinced Allu Arjun and the producers.

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