Aacharya/Chiru152: Koratala Siva Worried With Chiranjeevi Behaviour!

By - April 11, 2020 - 10:09 AM IST

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When it comes to mega-budget movies, even a small update will excite audiences. Starting from film's title to storyline to lead cast, cinephiles are curious about everything. On the other hand, makers try their best to keep key details confidential, because they want audiences to enjoy & get thrilled while watching the movie in theatres.

But, it is the case of irony for Megastar's 'Aacharya'. Despite the efforts of makers to maintain secrecy, the key details of Chiru152 are getting leaked. Surprisingly, Megastar himself has leaked the title as 'Aacharya' at the pre-release function of 'O Pitta Katha'. Chiranjeevi's innocent slip of the tongue has gone viral on social media, of course.

Now, during this lockdown period, Chiru is giving interviews to daily newspapers. During these interviews, journalists are able to get more information about the film. Revealing that he's playing the role of 'former Naxalite', Chiranjeevi added that Ram Charan will be seen as his 'Sishya' (associate). The actor disclosing crucial points of the film is something Koratala Siva is a little worried about. Since there's ample time left for film's release, the director is even more tense thinking what more Chiru is gonna reveal.

Instructing a young actor or an upcoming star would make no difference for the director. But, Koratala cannot either instructor even ask Tollywood Megastar to stop disclosing the key aspects of the film while it is in the production stage. So, he remains silent.

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