Lyricist's Satire On New Releases

By - April 11, 2020 - 06:41 PM IST

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COVID season has been pushing many into imagination. While a section is thinking when the new ready to release films like V, Uppena, Nissabdam, etc will release, some are thinking how the audience receives them in the post corona times.

Tollywood lyricist Sirasri has tweeted- "I feel all the ready to release films should come up with a super "ONCE UPON A TIME IN PRE-COVID ERA".

Otherwise, the audience may get confused to see the people on-screen moving without masks and sanitizers"

It is true that the world will not be the same again in the next few months. People will come out with masks and sanitizers and they watch the films in theatres with utmost care. We keep looking people moving around with masks. But when the same atmosphere is not shown in the films on screen, the audience may feel out of sync or may feel that the film doesn't belong to their time. Though Sirasri might have tweeted it for fun, it is thought provoking to an extent.

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