Is Jr NTR's First Look? #NTR RRR Teaser Treat

By - April 13, 2020 - 04:30 PM IST

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RRR' is one of the eagerly awaited films in India. Recently released Bheem for Rama Raju teaser has thrilled the audience and increased the expectations on the magnum opus. Bheem for Rama Raju is Charan's introduction teaser with NTR's voice-over. Ever since the teaser is out, speculations are rife that Rama Raju for Bheem teaser will be released on on NTR's birthday which falls on May 20. No RRR team members has condemned the reports so the audience are eagerly waiting for the NTR's introduction teaser.

There are several questions surrounding NTR's introduction teaser Rama Raju for Bheem. The shoot of the teaser portion has been completed or not? Charan's voice-over for the teaser finished or not? The re-recording is finished for the teaser or not? No one has any information regarding these questions. We all know that the lockdown is extended upto April 30 in Telangana. But still 'RRR' team will have ample time for these things if the lockdown restrictions are eased from May 1.

If the lockdown gets extended further from May 1, then 'RRR' team will find it difficult to complete the Rama Raju for Bheem work if it is really pending. If RRR team readied the NTR teaser longback then its well and good. The audience will witness Young Tiger NTR's antiques with the voice over of his friend Mega Lion Charan!

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