Breaking: New Heroine Opposite Balayya

By - April 14, 2020 - 03:00 PM IST

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There are lots of rumors and speculations about Balayya – Boyapati combo flick, regarding the leading lady and other issues. The latest we heard about the film is, director Boyapati is in plans of roping a new heroine opposite Balayya.

As per the reliable sources, Balayya and Boyapati have almost finalized two beauties for the film and one of them will have opted as the romantic interest of Balayya.

On the other hand, Boyapati is busy doing some touch-ups to the script for the betterment. Boyapati is super confident about making the film with massive speed. As Balayya always shows full energy and speed regarding film making, it is going to be an added advantage to Boyapati.

Boyapati is expecting the release date of the film will be incoming October.

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