TFI To Have 25 Crafts From Now, Not 24!

By - April 23, 2020 - 04:30 PM IST

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A cinema is a collaboration of 24 crafts, and every department has its prominence in the making of a film. But, a new department has come into the limelight now- Sanitation. Yes, discussions to include the sanitary department have begun and it has come from heroes. While the Corona pandemic is affecting people through direct transmission, unhygienic and unsanitary places will cause more danger.

After lockdown, the shootings will begin slowly. So, we may see a fresh trend in all shooting locations of star hero films. If the reports are to be believed, star heroes are putting a new condition to production houses. There has to be chlorine fogging, Thermal screening, Temperature testing, sanitizer bottles, and masks to all the unit members on shooting location. Our actors are even ready to take a salary cut to implement these measures on shooting locations. The demand to implement all proper measures and keep the shooting set sanitized is likely to continue until a vaccine is out.

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