Superstar's Warning To Tamil Nadu Govt

By - May 10, 2020 - 06:51 PM IST

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While several nations including India are going through a lengthy lockdown to stop the spread of novel coronavirus, some states in our nation have decided to relax the restrictions on the selling of liquor. As per guidelines of government of India, only 10 people can attend a funeral and 20 for marriage but allowed opening of wine shops which led to people thronging in several places.

The governments are already inviting a lot of criticism all over and recently, Superstar Rajinikanth expressed his discontent on Tamil Nadu government for allowing the sale of liquor in state. "It is inappropriate to make money by selling liquor during this crisis period and if it continues in the same manner, the AIADMK government won't regain the power in state," warned Superstar.

It is known that Rajinikanth has declared his entry into politics in coming elections. He announced that he will aim to become Chief Minister, but one of his party's legislator will be the CM candidate. With Rajini set to enter politics, this warning to state government has caught everyone's attention.

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