RGV World Theatre Launched with Mia Malkova's CLIMAX

By - May 19, 2020 - 05:00 PM IST

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Like everyone expected, Ram Gopal Varma is releasing Mia Malkova's CLIMAX on the internet. In a collaboration with Shreyas Media, he came up with RGV World Theatre. Climax will release on this platform.

"My online platform RGVWorldTheatre coming in @shreyaset App will not have  family content but it will have real family content.. meaning everyone in family can watch individually what they really feel like instead of faking it to their family." tweeted RGV.

Ram Gopal Varma also explained the content he features on RGV World Theatre. "On #RGVWorldTheatre @shreyasetApp there will be only the stories of beautiful sexy women (Because I love them), powerful men (Because I love them), criminals (Because I love them too), Police (Because I love them more) and Ghosts (Because I love them the most). RGV World Theatre WONT HAVE family stories (Because they bore me), films on Gods (Because I don’t believe), Sports (Because I don’t play) and Sex comedies (Because I take sex very seriously). CLIMAX release in #RGVWorldTheatre on May 29th at 11 am." he shared on Twitter.

Also, in his interview to a TV channel last night, RGV said that he does not want his RGV World Theatre, to be called, 'Aha.'

It looks like that it is RGV's way of telling that RGV World Theatre is completely opposite to Aha platform. 

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