Corona Virus Is Not a Horror Film: RGV

By - May 27, 2020 - 01:29 PM IST

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Amidst Corona Crisis, no one dared to step up out. Everyone worked from home but Ram Gopal Varma is an exception. RGV made a movie on Corona Virus during this lock down. Titled Coronavirus, the trailer of the same is on Youtube now. Many people including the great Amitabh Bachchan shared the trailer. Everyone are in an opinion that RGV made a horror film but he denies the same.

"CORONAVIRUS is a film about the fears in all of us. it TESTS the POWER of LOVE against the FEAR of DISEASE and DEATH. CORONAVIRUS is not a HORROR film. It is about the HORRORS which are inside all of us including our great political leaders and beaurecrauts who actually know only as much as us which is just nothing." revealed RGV on his Twitter profile.

Ram Gopal Varma also claims that he did the film following all the guidelines. "We shot the CORONAVIRUS film in the LOCKDOWN period while strictly following guidelines and this I swear on ESHWAR, ALLAH, JESUS and the GOVERNMENT." revealed Ram Gopal Varma.

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