Producers Guild of India Issues Guidelines For Film Shoots

By - May 27, 2020 - 09:00 AM IST

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Corona Crisis disrupted the film shoots completely and everyone is in a feeling that we should live along with Corona in the society. With things getting back to normalcy, the film industry is also looking at restarting the operations. In the coming month, the shoots are going to begin for TV serials, TV shows, and Movies. In the view of the same, the Producers Guild of India laid some guidelines to follow without fail, during the shoots. The following are these guidelines.

1. Handwashing and Hand Sanitisation is compulsory for everyone. Everyone must wear a medical mask and gloves throughout the shooting.

2. The studio must get sanitized every day before the shoot by a Government recognized company.

3. Artists and other film units must give a declaration form about their health. It has to be taken before joining the shoot and after leaving the shoot.

4. Thermal screening is compulsory for everyone entering the set. People with High Temperature must not be allowed in the sets. A band must be put on to those who complete thermal screening.

5. 2-meter distance must be maintained between popular artists and junior artists.

6. Two Junior doctors and a qualified nurse must present themselves on the sets in two different shifts. An ambulance must be present in the set all the time.

7. People above age 60 should not be given access to the shooting spot.

8. Shooting in indoor sets is better than outdoor shootings.

9. Makeup department, Hairdressers must wear PPE kits. They must sanitize before and after completing their job. They should put makeup to the artists, one after the other.

10. Fewer people from the art department must present on the set.

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