Flashback: Phone Number Troubles For Producer!

By - June 04, 2020 - 06:12 PM IST

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'Okkadu' is a memorable film in Superstar Mahesh Babu's career.  The movie established him as a powerful mass hero.  The Kondareddy Buruju fight remained as a classic scene even now. An interesting thing happened with movie producer MS Raju after the release due to which he had to change his phone number.

There were comedy scenes between passport officer Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and Mahesh friends gang.  Dharmavarapu buys a new phone and gives the phone number 98480****** to his lover. Mahesh and his friends note that mobile number and irritate him with wrong calls.  Actually it was MS Raju's real phone number so, he started getting hundreds of calls after the release.  He got fed up with the unending phone calls and changed his mobile number later.

What actually happened was when the director Gunasekhar team was picturizing the phone call scene, someone from the film unit gave a suggestion of using MS Raju's phone number. As the comedy scenes turned out to be very popular, the phone number also became famous. This is one of the few instances in the industry where people encountered problems with phone numbers.   

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