KTR reacts to Meera Chopra's issue with NTR fans!

By - June 05, 2020 - 06:01 PM IST

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Meera Chopra's issue with abusers is not going to meet an end anytime soon. She has been getting a lot of abusive tweets daily and she came across some even today. Meera, however, approached Telangana police for help and filed an FIR. Telangana IT minister KTR too publicly requested Telangana DGP to look into the issue. 

In a series of tweets today, Meera Chopra tagged KTR, Kavitha and Hyderabad police. She told how she was abused online and asked to take strict action.  "Ive been abused of gangrape, acidattack, abused, cyberbullied and slutshamed by your state. @hydcitypolice has filed an fir and i hope for the safety of women this will investigated thoroughly." 

KTR then replied her saying, "Ma’m, I have requested @TelanganaDGP and @CPHydCity to take stern action as per law based on your complaint."  She again thanked KTR for a prompt response from him. "Thanks sir, it really means a lot. This is very important for women safety. These people should not be left free to do crimes on women! " he posted.

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