Corona Crisis Charity: Chiranjeevi Facing Backlash

By - June 25, 2020 - 05:19 PM IST

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Because of the lockdown, all the shootings have been halted and the workers of the industry are very badly affected because of this. To help them Megastar has created CCC organization and started giving them necessary requirements through the organizations.


A new issue has surrounded this. There are many organizations in the industry and the distribution has been done by the organizations to the workers. It looks like this caused a big problem.


CCC has stated strongly that the distribution should be done only to the members and not to anyone else. This has enraged a few. It's been hard for the workers already to get their daily food but now constraining it only to the members is partiality.


People who have not been members or who don't even know that they have to are facing severe crisis and only such decisions are a disgrace as they are part of the industry for a long time.


Chiru's move is awaited on the same.

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