Exclusive Interview With Musician Turned Producer Raghu Kunche!

By - June 29, 2020 - 09:45 PM IST

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After starting his career as a playback singer, Raghu Kunche tried his hand at various crafts and he emerged a music composer, TV host, dubbing artist and an Actor. Now, he is debuting as a producer with an upcoming Telugu movie titled '47 days'. It is a crime thriller featuring Satya Dev, Pooja Jhaveri and Roshini Prakash. A former associate of Puri Jagannath, Pradeep Maddali is making his debut as a filmmaker with this project. As 47 days is getting a direct release OTT on 30 June, we had an interview with Raghu Kunche to know more about the film.

How are you feeling ahead of film's release?
A: As a first-time producer, I have strived for a quality film and we have put in all our efforts to bring out a great film. We have finished our project a year ago, but some middlemen have delayed the film release. It isn't a great thing to make and release a movie. But, we tried to follow all protocols of filmmaking and marketing to enter the safe zone. In this course time, several people have approached us with some offers which didn't materialize. Finally, ZEE5 has agreed to release our film.

Are you worried that audiences won't get that theatre experience?
A: 100%, I am very much worried about it. We have worked really hard for the sound mixing, but audiences may not be able to experience that sound while watching on their Television sets, Lap Tops and Mobile phones.

What made you trust a newcomer (about director Pradeep Maddali)?
A: I've always found him very interesting and quite intense. He seemed very knowledgeable and talented. In fact, Puri himself told that he has got a great talent. When I heard the story from Pradeep, I was quite impressed and suggested his name to my friends who were looking for a story to produce. They immediately took a liking with Pradeep's story and came forward to bankroll this movie.

By the end of the film, are you satisfied with director? Was able to visually translate what he narrated in the story?
A: I am fully satisfied with his direction. Right from the beginning, I told him just to deliver 50% of what he used to narrate. Pradeep, being a writer himself, penned some emotional and realistic dialogues.

How did Satya come onboard?
A: Pradeep and Satya Dev are good friends since Jyothi Lakshmi days. When director has proposed Satya's name, we took some time to calculate other aspects. But everyone was willing to feature Satya and that's how we have come onboard.

Did you also attempt as an actor in 47 Days?
A: There was discussion about a role in 47 days, but director felt some other artist would do more justice to it. So, we have dropped that idea.

Tell us about your re-recording?
A: Young directors these days are looking for some fresh and raw background score. Initially, my director also was little tensed about my RR. But, I've sought complete freedom from director. Now, if you look at the film, I was able to deliver some great background score and director is quite happy now.

Can we expect more films from you as a producer?
A: Definitely. After this film, I must say my respects for producers have doubled. It is not an easy thing to handle everything & and satisfy everyone in the production process.

People from Telugu states were all praise for you when you brought singer Baby to limelight. How are you feeling about it?
A: When I read the comments for that video now, I feel highly blessed and great. Not just that, I introduced a Train singer in Palasa and that has attracted quite a lot of attention from audiences. In fact, his voice has added Palasa flavour to that film.

Who is the main female lead in 47 days- Roshini Prakash or Pooja Jhaveri?
A: Pooja is the main lead actress, but Roshini is playing the key role in this movie. The main story revolves about Juliet character played by Pooja. The duration of Roshini is small and she will be seen as Satya's wife.

Did you inspire this project from Balachander-Chiranjeevi's '47 Days'?
A: (smiles).. No, this has got nothing to do with that old '47 Days'.

Did you show this film to your industry friends? What was their feedback?
A: Yes, we have shown it a few close circle people. All of them said that we have made a qualitative film. Bunny Vas Garu, who watched it, was impressed with our movie. He expressed his interest and was ready to release it by offering a safe deal. But things didn't work out and finally, we decided to go with OTT release.

After Palasa, are you getting more offers as an actor too?
A: Yes, I have two interesting projects: a film (a political backdrop biopic on a National leader) and also as a lead in a Netflix web series (it is a thriller). Had this lockdown not been there, I would have finished shooting for the film by now.

What do you think is the future of film industry with this COVID 19 pandemic?
A: 2020 is washed out and I think movie industry will be ready by summer, next year.

All the best for all your future endeavours!
A: Thanks very much.

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