Can OTT Platforms Fall Back Into The Right Track?

By - July 04, 2020 - 02:05 PM IST

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Due to the lockdown, as none of the theatres are open and as all the film releases are getting postponed, the movie lovers have been showing more interest in OTT platforms nowadays.

We can say that the demand for Digital platforms got increased in recent times. Though the prices are somewhat less, filmmakers are also coming forward to release their films on OTT platforms. But, apart from a couple of days after the release, the buzz regarding the movie is getting reduced if the film is getting released on digital platforms. If 10 movies from Bollywood got released only one has been receiving critical acclaim. The situation is the same even in Telugu. 'Penguin', 'Amrita Ramam', '47 days' etc also failed to impress the audience. If this goes on, we can say that the OTT platforms will become the care-of address for flop films. Despite releasing a couple of good films like 'Krishna and his Leela' in Netflix and 'Bhanumathi Ramakrishna', most of the films getting released on digital platforms are failing to strike the chord with the audience.

However as at least few films are succeeding in getting positive reviews, the filmmakers are now hopeful in releasing their films on OTT platforms. There are a few OTT releases in July as well. The demand for OTT platforms will depend on the result of these films.

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