The Secret Behind Stylish Star Jogging

By - July 06, 2020 - 03:09 PM IST

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Stylish Star Allu Arjun is getting ready for his next film 'Pushpa' in the direction of Sukumar.  The team has planned extensive schedules in Kerala but the changed circumstances forced the makers to look at the alternative locations. Sukumar team has finalized a couple of forest locations in the Telugu states and they are waiting for the right time to commence the shoot.

Meanwhile, the Stylish Star is seriously working on his fitness.  A couple of pics where Bunny is seen jogging at the KBR Park surfaced on social media recently. Celebrities going for walk or jog at the KBR park is a common sight. But some people expressed their doubts about why Bunny has chosen outdoor jog instead of treadmill exercise. We all know that there is also a danger of infections in public places.  

There is a reason behind Bunny's outdoor exercise.  The majority of the movie shoot will be carried out in the forest and they will not have vehicle facilities to reach certain locations. The unit members have to go by walk or trek to certain locations.  Bunny reportedly started his preparations to stay fitter to deal with all those tough situations.  By walking at the real locations rather than the treadmill will be ideal for preparation. That's the secret behind the KBR park jogging of Bunny as per the inside talk.

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