Stalled Big Films Might Debut On OTT

By - July 07, 2020 - 03:36 PM IST

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It has been 100 days since the theatres are closed because of a pandemic, and the audience has found their entertainment at their homes via OTTs. It goes without saying that OTT has become the new age theatres.


Many small budgets & offbeat films were released exclusively on the OTTs, like 'Penguin' on Prime Video, 'Krishna & His Leelas' on Netflix and gained a lot of momentum and viewership. Big films like 'V', 'Red', '30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela?', 'Orey Bujjga', 'Nissabdham' have always stated that they are only looking at theatre releases how long it might even be. But it looks like, this stalling has begun to be a burden on the producers as the re-opening of the theatres is not anytime soon and the stalling is just their returns stopped. Hence, it has been reported that the producers like 'Dil' Raju, Kona Venkat are reconsidering their decision of releasing the film on OTTs.

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