Naked Beauty's Love For PK

By - July 09, 2020 - 09:25 AM IST

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Everybody knows the craze of Pawan Kalyan as a film star. Apart from the common audience, many celebrities openly express their love and affections towards Power Star. Recently, actor Sri Rapaka revealed in an interview about her fascination with Pawan Kalyan.

It is known that Sri Rapaka shot to fame with Ram Gopal Varma's recent ATT release 'Naked'.  She has been working as a costume director in the film industry for quite some time but it is RGV's film that made her an overnight celebrity. When she was asked about her crush in a recent interview, she took the name of Pawan Kalyan without even thinking for a second.

She went on to say that if Pawan asks her for a date, she will blindly say 'Yes'. She also revealed that it is her dream to act with Pawan Kalyan once in her lifetime.  When she was asked about her future projects, she said that discussions are going on and no project has been finalized.

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