Ravi Teja's Song Joins 100 Million Club

By - July 13, 2020 - 04:50 PM IST

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Telugu songs are creating a sensation with their views and likes on YouTube these days. Allu Arjun songs are registering a massive number of views on YouTube.  Now, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja also joined the league of stars with 100 million views.  

Gunna Gunna Mamidi song from Ravi Teja's film 'Raja The Great' went on to register 100 million views recently. The song also registered 217K likes.  Sai Kartheek is the music director for this song Gunna Gunna Mamidi song.  The folk song coupled with Ravi Teja's typical dance moves made it a chartbuster.  The 1.42 seconds song was uploaded two years ago.

There are countless versions of the Gunna Gunna Mamidi song by various singers and many of those versions registered 10+ million views that show the popularity of the song.

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