RGV's Next Titled ALLU - A Fictional Reality Film

By - August 02, 2020 - 12:10 PM IST

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After coming up with the film Powerstar, Ram Gopal Varma comes up with another film, targeted at Mega family. Allu is the title for his next film now.

"Another one of RgvWorldTheatre’s next Fictional Reality FR films is Allu. It is the fictional story of what one brother in law from behind did to the family of a very big star. The story starts after the star announces his “Jana Rajyam” Party. The reason behind putting ALLU as a title is that the main character devices a lot of plans in the film." shared Ram Gopal Varma, explaining the reason behind naming it.

RGV also revealed the names of the key characters in the film. A Aravind, K Chiraaanjeevi, Prawan Kalyan, A Aaarjun, A Sheeresh, K R Charan, N Baebu and etc are a part of the film.

RGV also added that it is not targeted at Allu Aravind, without mentioning the producer's name. "Like some are thinking in reality “అల్లు" is not a non-fictional film I am not doing to take revenge for calling me నికృష్టుడు and I swear this on my love for the family," wrote RGV.

More details about the film will come out soon.

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